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> Hypothetical CF 20th anniversary special
Posted: Jan 24 2023, 08:19 AM
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So let's pretend that for the 20th anniversary of CF that a special series of videos was created featuring an encore video (1 video per model, not a full set) for 1 model per year from 2003-2022, and I'm going to be basing each model choice on what year they debuted in, regardless if they got another set in the future. Enjoy my half assed reasons as to why these models deserve another set

Just a quick note before we start, sometimes I'm gonna be doing my pick purely by choosing the prettiest model, since a lot of early and recent stuff I don't really have much of an opinion on.

2003 - Nastya 2003 didn't have a lot of opinions to begin, we have a perfect example of a model who I've chosen just for being the best looking. You might have expected I'd pick Natasha for being the very first model, but I didn't dig her sets.

2004 - Masha Of the stuff I've seen from 2004, she was definitely the best option a pretty girl with a toe ring. I was gonna go with Alla originally, but I think she might be a little too old for CF.

2005 - Yulia She's iconic so I couldn't not pick her. She might be a little old for this too and got several encores already, but I think she's too much of a must have to skip over.

2006 - Nadja Her 2nd set is pretty iconic, would be cool to get a set where her soles get super dirty.

2007 - Luba I pick this extremely obscure model because she was the very first model to get a set in HD to my knowledge, and that's a cool milestone.

2008 - Margarita I think she's the greatest foot fetish model of all time, so of course I'm picking her regardless of how many encores she already has

2009 - Nata 2009 is another year where I didn't have a lot of options, so I went with the best looking model again.

2010 - Dina 2010 is my favourite year of CF, and it has my favourite set too, which is Dina's. I would have absolutely killed for an encore where she put out a cigarette on her sole.

2011 - Anna My favourite model from 2011 Julia already got an encore, so I'm going with Anna for an encore which means more toe rings and more smoking!

2012 - Alyona She's cute and iconic

2013 - Alisa She's sexy and iconic

2014 - Kristina No strong reason really, just a good looking model

2015 - Alyona IMO the last epically sexy model, lets see her in black leggings since she rocked those skinny jeans.

2016 - Lilia She's got nice makeup and a cool outfit (also just the best looking from 2016)

2017 - Liza Looks great in that t-shirt and leggings, we haven't had a rehead on here yet either.

2018 - Anna She's got a cool style.

2019 - Maria She's super tall and I really dig that. For this encore she will once again rock a new hairstyle, this time a green mohawk.

2020 - Diana Diana is cute.

2021 - Ekaterina 2021 is definitely the worst year for CF, and there wasn't a lot of options either so I just chose the best looking one.

2022 - Tatiana The last model of 2022, she's cute and has nice filthy soles

2023 only has 1 model so far and her set was more than likely made in 2022 anyways.

Some of my picks are bound to annoy people, but it is what it is. Lemme know who you'd pick for your 20th anniversary encores

My top 5 models

#1 Margarita 💙 (Festival Of Soap Bubbles... etc) City-Feet All Stars Winner
#2 Dina 🖤 (Two Pretty Girls)
#3 Olga 💙 (Tender Barefoot Beauty)
#4 Julia 💙 (Weekend Barefoot Walk)
#5 Alexandra 🤍 (Sharp Gravel And Bare Feet)
Posted: Jan 30 2023, 03:14 PM
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Excellent idea and great selection!


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Posted: Feb 4 2023, 08:46 AM
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Nice idea. I share you mine. It's a personal list so some of you may disagree.

2003: Nastya Lovely girl, her rusty car and winter updates are great.

2004: Elena Truly a lady. Frozen feet set was really brave of her.

2005: Asya A woman who appeared for several years. She has very sexy feet (Bonus: Mila Cute face and nice feet.)

2006: Alenka I've always found this woman very attrractive. Especially in the Fedosia travel and of course in her winter set too.

2007: Julia Finally the lovely Julia who was modelling for the site for many years. She has beautiful feet and she is not shy to be barefoot anywhere.

2008: Margarita Not my type of girl at the first look but she really knows how to tease.

2009: Nata A really sexy woman, no wonder she appeared on many adult sites.

2010: Polina Very nice woman with beautiful feet, I'm glad she become a full time barefooter. (Bonus: Alexandra Her sharp gravel scene was astonishing.)

2011: Natasha My all-time favorite. I love her smile, her feet, her style and everything. It was good to bring her back a couple of years later.

2012: Anna Pretty girl with gorgeous feet. That extreme dirty sole part was amazing.

2013: Sveta It is hard to choose among the woman introduced in 2013. Sveta has tough soles and lovely smile. Toria is a stylish woman and looked great with dirty soles in the park. And Anna is super cute girl who fortunately made her soles very dirty.

2014: Galina She is definitely in the top 3 for me. Her autumn session is great. She is not shy to show her feet everywhere and make them muddy. And her face and feet are really charming.

2015: Sveta Just a playful girl in nice outfit. I like her.

2016: Alla Another tough year to choose. I think nobody can dislike Alla. She is a beauty with really sexy feet. (Bonus: Elena An extraordinary session with a cheerful woman. Anna Just an angel.)

2017: Nastya A very sweet-looking woman. Her feet must have been tired at the end.

2018: Marina A really adorable girl, I really liked that cold session with her.

2019: Daria That's the part where most of you would disagree. I don't know why but there's something in that girl I can't really explain.

2020: Alla Well I guess I don't have to explain that. She is a real woman.

2021: Oksana A beautiful woman although I don't think that yellow nail polish suits her.

2022: Ekaterina A charming woman with nice feet. However Tatiana's updates are still in progress and she had really dirty soles.
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Posted: Feb 5 2023, 07:08 AM
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Best specific parts of each year

2003 Pushkinskaya square

2004 Barefoor(sic) outside

2005 Bored of shoes p1

2006 Barefoot shopping p1

2007 Barefoot beauty p3

2008 Pretty barefoot girl. Part 1.

2009 Sunny girl with dirty soles. Part 3

2010 Evening barefoot stroll

2011 Barefoot and happy. Part 2.

2012 The first barefoot experience. Part 3.

2013 Flexible feet and dirty soles. Part 3.

2014 City life. Part 2.

2015 A sunny day. Part 3.

2016 A joyful barefoot beauty. Part 2.

2017 A barefoot redhead's trip. Part 2.

2018 Beauty with tough soles. Part 3.

2019 A brunette in a short dress. Part 2.

2020 A day of a barefoot girl. Part 1.

2021 A busy summer day. Part 1.

2022 A barefoot brunette in a mini skirt. Part 4.

Margarita - 30/12/2015
Natalia - 16/09/2017
**Defended title 22/09/2018**
Valeria - 20/12/2019
Alla - 07/11/2020
Anna - 17/12/2022
Polina - 07/04/2024
Posted: Feb 5 2023, 11:02 AM
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I'll do a fave video for a few years. Just gonna look through my favourite period for now cuz it's 3 AM and I'm tired

2007 - Sexy Feet In The Crowded City B

2008 - Pretty Barefoot Girl A

2009 - Barefoot Summer Walk A (I don't think the other parts count since they all come from 2010, but were made in 2009. If they do then part B or C wins)

2010 - Two Pretty Girls A

2011 - Weekend Barefoot Walk B

I'll do 2012 onwards later

My top 5 models

#1 Margarita 💙 (Festival Of Soap Bubbles... etc) City-Feet All Stars Winner
#2 Dina 🖤 (Two Pretty Girls)
#3 Olga 💙 (Tender Barefoot Beauty)
#4 Julia 💙 (Weekend Barefoot Walk)
#5 Alexandra 🤍 (Sharp Gravel And Bare Feet)
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