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Posted by: michael0218 Jan 20 2018, 05:56 AM
Well, what can be said? This girl is perfection...beautiful feet, dirty soles, pretty toes, gorgeous legs...and everything else above them included...once again, I'm in love! cool.gif tongue.gif I may have to call this girl "The Other Alexandra" Thank you once again Paul! cool.gif

Posted by: michael0218 Feb 6 2018, 09:47 PM
Lovely, lovely lass Paul cool.gif ...She's perfect from her soles to the crown of her head...thank you sir!! tongue.gif biggrin.gif cool.gif

Posted by: michael0218 Feb 12 2018, 05:58 AM
Is anybody awake or alive here? I don't mean necessarily this particular thread, but anywhere......

Posted by: Mike123 Feb 12 2018, 11:57 AM
I know what you mean, Micheal0218.

Rather predictably, perhaps I'd point you to my observations below for the relative lack of engagement of members recently. Even Mr Feetosopher agrees with me and we don't agree about much (but respect to him for having his 'thing' and pursuing it).

maybe we'll get something more raunchy in later updates?

the time of year is clearly not help either with everyone still wrapped up against the winter cold.

Things can only get better, as they say.


Posted by: michael0218 Feb 13 2018, 10:37 PM
Thanks for the reply Mike123...yeah, I hear ya...and although I'm perfectly happy with ALL the content here, I hope you get your wish with the raunchy vids...I'll enjoy that too biggrin.gif ...I'm hoping that more members will show more enthusiasm in general...I mean, I sure as hell wouldn't get bored with anything Paul puts forth here...the point of reality is...there just about ain't a prayer in heaven or hell that you'll see a fit, good looking girl walking in public like you see in these updates...they remain to me slices of memory...of past times before things got uptight and over litigated to death....before the simple choice of going barefoot in public became something looked at as a it seems to bee regarded here in the "land of the brave and the home of the free"....
There's been some utterly lovely girls lately in these updates...I think that they deserve more attention and appreciation than they've been getting personally. Any thoughts from anyone?

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